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customized magic 8 ball  is a creative way to promo your brand, marketing event, make sure you use custom 8 ball for your next promotional event. good result guaranteed

  1. Our factory mainly produces customized magic 8 ball, fortune teller ball, magic eight ball with custom answers, can provide customized processing service ,affordable price.
  2. .We can customize the answer, appearance, color and color box according to customers’ requirements. magic 8 ball custom logo

  3. All magic 8 balls in our factory are made of environment-friendly materials and can be certified as safe and environment-friendly by EN71 and ASTM.

  4. Our factory has a variety of testing certificates, functional patents, design patents.

customized magic 8 ball

custom 8 ball has four regular size,7 cm,10 cm and 12 cm,4.5 cm key chain

May I ask how many answers can we customize inside 8 ball?

there are 20 answers inside that can be customized
max 21 characters for each answer.
We can do custom answers in English, Russian, Spanish, polish and emoji, etc

What is the material of your custom magic eight ball?

All our magic 8 balls are made of environment-friendly ABS plastic and can be certified by AST M and EN71.

We produce magic 8 balls answers with different production processes, including electroplating,UV electroplating, which can be made into bright colors, frosted colors, rose gold, and so on

May I know your earliest delivery date?

Usually our delivery time is 20 days, for quantity less than 5000 pieces
We can deliver the goods by UPS and DHL, and it only takes five days to arrive at your company or the event site.

The packaging of our magic answers ball can be made according to the needs of customers.

The standard packaging is white box. The customer can provide the design draft of customized box, and we can produce customized box according to the design draft.

100 % quality assurance, factory wholesale price, support inspection

how to make a customized magic 8 ball ?

It looks like a ball filled with blue liquid. It also has a clear answer window. Through the answer window, you can see an icosahedron floating in the liquid.

Ask a yes or no question, you can turn the ball down, then turn the ball around and turn the answer window up. Maybe he’ll bring you good luck? Give it a try

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