Hi Mike –
Here is the order for Conga.
We would like 7 cm black Magic Balls with the attached logo – Conga.
We would like 1200 of 7cm option. Attached are the custom answers.
I have also attached the quote sent over previously.


thanks for sending the mock up. Would it be possible to mock up with this logo?
sure, please see attached mock ups.
Thank you for sending this over. We plan to customize the entire 8-ball, with the wording inside as well as the color and logo outside. And have text around the viewing glass. Can this be done?
nice design, the mock up of 8 ball is confirmed.
custom answers is confirmed.
attached is update invoice, please let us know when it get approved,
we will arrange production ASAP


I am looking at the invoice and noticed that the logo price is $100 and on the quote it was $50. Can you let me know the reason for the difference in the logo price?

1 color logo set up is $50
the mock up is 2 color logo, so $100
We will use Mockup 2. Conga Composer on the red background.
Instead of the custom answers I provided, we would like to use the standard Magic 8 ball answers. Is that possible? I will get the invoice over to my team today.


Hi Mike-
Thanks for the quick response!
They look good. Approved.
I will forward the invoice now.
Please let me know the estimated delivery date.
thanks,  the estimated delivery date is 20th Feb. 2020
Invoice sent to my accounts payable.


I checked with Accounting. They sent you payment on Jan 30. I am asking about receipts – but your bank should have the funds.

Ok. We are pulling together our order. Can you tell me the price if we order 300 or 500? Are there price breaks at certain quantities? If so, please share that as well, if we ordered more than 500.

I’m interested in ordering custom magic 8 balls for some events this year. Can you tell me what the turnaround time is for these items?

We are interested in creating custom standard size magic 8 balls. We would need around 400. Can you tell me how fast we could get them? I know you mention below 25 days, is that 25 business days? We are hoping to mail them out the week of Feb 10th. Is that possible?