custom 8 ball

custom 8 ball

custom 8 ball


I received the custom 8 ball that you sent – thank you so much.
Could you please let me know the size of the artwork on top of the custom 8 ball so I can plan the artwork accordingly?
Also saw that one of the custom magic 8 ball has a print near the window.  What is the maximum size and length that can be written for this?
And can this be printed logo on both the top and the bottom of the custom magic 8 ball sayings?
custom 8 ball with custom answers (2)

Item Details

custom 8 ball

personalized magic 8 ball answers

  • Imprint Area:5cm
  • Setup Charge: $60

imprinted Details

  • Imprint Area: 5cm
  • Setup Charge: $60.00

Hi Mike,

I’m interested in getting a few sample magic 8 ball to showcase to my team before making a larger order. Here are the requirements:

– Have 2 logos in white: AWS and Anthropic in color white (#FFFFFF)
– Have custom 8 ball answers
– 8 Ball in full solid color orange (#FF9900)

The timeline:
– Samples as soon as possible, ideally mid November
– Initial order end of November
– First order size will depend on cost and budget approvals. I’m hoping for a bare minimum of 20.

Extra notes:

AWS does a lot of events and provides SWAG gifts during these events with ‘swag tables’. If we run a successful campaign, I will be advertising this internally to other teams as a potential for us to source for various campaigns in 2024. To give you a sense of scale, we have a global sales forces in the several thousands of solutions architects and account managers.

custom 8 ball with company logo

custom 8 ball with company logo

custom logo magic 8 ball imprint with 2c logo

  • personalized magic 8 ball estimated production time: 10-25 business days business days after art proof approval plus 1-2 business days for order processing, design, and art proofing
  • Standard shipping time on most orders is typically 2-5 days depending on where your ship-to location is.
  • custom answers mold would include custom printing on the outside, as well as custom sayings on the inside custom 8 ball?  Could you let me know what the maximum letter count for the sayings on the inside would be?

custom 8 balls

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can request a sample for FREE
  • The minimum order for bulk customization of this item is 500 pieces.
  • I don’t need a custom sample with my printing right now – I would like to see a clients with random printing – preferably a black ball with white print on the outside.

we can do custom answers for you, but we charge custom answers cost, feel free to send us your 20 sayings, we will make mock up before ordering, in fact, we will make e-proof before anything goes into production


But that is not all. Magic 8 Ball also works as a Virtual Reality Game that resembles Pokemon Go which is an even more of an attraction for the fans of the game.

You can further use the ball for food allergy training and gym training. This will help you keep up with your day-to-day life.
If you are wondering which gift you should give to your friends or loved ones,

then Magic 8 Ball is ideal for Christmas Gifts. It can also be used as a prop on stage. In short, this customized Magic 8 Ball is so much more than you can see on the surface. It is like a friend that will help you stay fit mentally and physically.

 I need to imprint my logo and also choose the customize answers.
• what do you need me to send you (logo and answers?)
•how much would you need to produce 100 of custom 8 ball?

custom 8 ball basketball

custom 8 ball basketball

We would need the order by 9/20 with a quantity of 16,600 units custom 8 ball. We want to have a customized dice on the inside with our own answers and our logo on the front, Can you please give me an estimate on how much this would cost?

Also, how many custom answers would we be able to come up with for the inside and what are the parameters for that so we can get the creative team thinking of ideas.

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