how many answers are in a custom magic 8 ball ?

We may be interested in order 500 pcs custom magic 8 ball answers to give out at conferences and such. With out logo on it and create  the answers  inside. How much is it to make per ball? Is it possible to get a mock up if I sent a logo

Hi I wanted to request either free sample, or just a draw up of the product. We want to possibly order customized Magic 8 balls with our logo.

magic 8 ball custom answers


custom magic 8 ball answers

Would you be able to provide production+shipping quotes for custom magic 8 ball responses and customized answers on the custom 8 ball ?
And would you be able to provide an example of custom 8 ball magic answer ball  for the 7 cm and 10cm balls? How many characters do we have for each answer?

Sizes: 7cm  10cm  12cm and 4.5cm with keychain

each custom magic answer ball is packed with in white box

Artwork, Proof, FREE!

silk printing 

Imprint Area: 3 -5 cm

Setup Charge: free

Production & Delivery

estimated production time of magic 8 ball decision maker : 10-25 business days business days after art proof approval plus 1-2 business days for order processing, design, and art proofing

rush production available, please contact us by

we will try our best to meet your shipping deadline as we are professional magic 8 ball manufacture

we wanted to request a quote on 700 magic 8 balls. I would need each ball to include a company logo, as well as 20 custom answers within the custom magic 8 ball. What would be the cost, and how quickly could you produce the items? Thanks!

magic 8 ball fortune teller

check out our latest design template tutorial for magic 8 ball with custom answers and custom logo, here is step by step how our custom 8 ball answers been produced,

magic 8 ball dice

random sample FREE

MOQ for bulk order is 500 qty

Additional imprint colors  may add additional charges.

we offer free e-proof before ordering

read our return-and-refund-policy

magic 8 ball custom response

I spoke to my team and we have a conference coming up where we will have a magician in our booth and we are thinking we want to do the magic 8 ball custom to give away to people that stop by. If we are looking to customize qty 500 and we would need them in California by 4.17, is this possible?

here is custom sample of magic 8 ball custom response, just give us your 20 custom answers, we will make mock up for you, each answer has 19 characters max

Was looking for pricing/turnaround time for magic 8-ball with a custom die inside and a custom printed box. Create a magic 8 ball with your company logo

Additionally another price for a standard answers die inside the ball and a 1 or 2 color logo printed on a 10cm magic 8 ball. Plus a custom printed box.

magic 8 ball custom response

CUSTOM answers in a 4″ magic 8 ball

Thanks for sending, a random sample with customer answers from a previous client would be great. Magic 8 ball with personalized answers

here is 20 standard answers within 8 ball, and it is Free for use 

In magic eight ball, how many answers are there that one can find out?

Have you ever wondered about how the magic ball works and what appears inside it? The magic ball is a piece of advice seeking or fortune telling round ball, that display the letters, messages, responses, phrases or saying inside it? Are you digging about how many letters or response comes at one nice shake? How many letters are there in one response? One magic 8 ball can have almost 20 responses or answers save in it. However, the good news is that now one can order his customized magic ball with his choice of responses add in it.

Dear sir or mam,

Do you make small orders or is the minimum 200 pcs?

Please see attached files. Let me know if this is not enough for a quote.

20 answers:

  1. Don’t panic!
  2. Trenger mer GU!
  3. Flere prøver?
  4. Svaret er 42
  5. Fcer ≥ 1,6
  7. Det går bra!
  8. JA!
  9. NEI!
  10. Kanskje?
  11. Hvem vet…
  12. Ikke så verst…
  13. Spør en geotekniker
  14. For et spørsmål!
  15. Det blir dyrt!
  16. Skredfare!
  17. RGT kan hjelpe!
  18. RGL kan hjelpe!
  19. RGB kan hjelpe!
  20. Bruk SHANSEP!

Vennlig Hilsen

Joakim Lundby
Mob +47 980 12 000
Tlf  +47 64 80 83 00

8 ball responses

custom text magic 8 ball

the 20 answers inside can fully customize for you promoting needs. each answer can be max 20 characters.

A mystery about what is inside this fantastic magic eight ball:

If you look at the outer side of the ball, you will come to know that the ball is hollow plastic. If we broke the fortune-telling ball, there comes a cylindrical reservoir die, which has twenty faces.

When we shake ball to know the answer, one side out of the twenty sides will appear on the screen. This cylindrical reservoir moves in a liquid present inside the magic eight ball. The liquid is of alcohol that dissolved in dark blue dye.

Hello! We’re interested in customizing magic 8 balls for our 2024 Employee Kickoff Event on Thursday, April 11. Please see below:

  1. We’re interested in customizing every aspect of the Magic 8 ball from the questions to the ball to the box. Can you send pricing structure for this?
  2. What is the pricing structure if we only customize the ball?
  3. What would the timelines for design be if we needed the custom magic 8 balls to arrive in MN by April 9.
  4. Can you send the information for the graphic design?

Thank you in advance for your help!

The diameter of the magic 8 custom ball:
The diameter of the cylinder ball is about 10 cm to 12 cm magic 8 ball custom response

Find out the best responses list for custom magic ball 8

our customers

Hello MagicLogoBall team,
I hope this email finds you well. My name is Diego, and I am reaching out to inquire about the related costs for your full custom 8ball. I am particularly interested in customizing both the answers and the ball itself.
Could you please provide Order a customized magic 8 ball with the following information:
1. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for the full custom 8ball?
2. Cost breakdown, including all fees, and shipping charges to zip code 90813?
3. Estimated production timeline for the customization process?
I appreciate any assistance you can provide in answering these questions. Thank you in advance for your time and attention to this matter.
We wish to order this. Can you show us an example for the logo printet on the ball?
Are there any problems with the special signs in the custom answers?
Best regards,

Hi Mike,

I went back to your pricing and I see we already had 4” ball pricing.

We do have more questions from client, they love the item and WILL order.

But we need to know:

  • When do you need art and order to meet FIRM in hands date of Sept. 1st?
  • Packaging, can you offer a custom box for the 10cm ball?
  • How much is a preproduction sample?
  • How much do you need to include a pre-pro?

Will need 550 units.

Also, is the LTM fee apply?

customized 8 ball with emoji inside

Magic 8 ball custom has a variety of specifications, 45mm, 70mm, 10mm, 12mm to choose from. In addition, there are two versions in English and Russian. It can be customized according to your requirements, specifications, colors, patterns, multi-language, logo, core patterns, etc. Reliable quality, the following pictures are taken in real time.
In customized balls there are more options to choose your ball color according to your choice. Not just the exterior color but now one can ask to change the inner fluid color also. Usually, the fluid inside is dark blue. However, if you like the inner fluid to be green, they will add up green color as per your demand. The letter color will remain white like a green fluid with white lettering or blue fluid with white lettering.

We wish to have all 3 logos togeather with black background.
Is this possible with the files i have sent you previously?OK, just remember black background 

We wish continue with the order


I am reaching out with some updates.

Please find attached the revised design intended for customization on the magic ball. The new logo and color codes are included in the attachments.

Additionally, since we are personalizing the responses, you will find the updated answers attached.

As a reminder, here are the technical specifications:

I work for Canary Marketing, and we are a corporate gifting company. We have a client looking to produce custom Magic 8 balls in their brand colors and logo. Would you be able to print a color gradient? Can you confirm pricing, the lead time, and the minimums?Format: 7 cm diameter Magic Ball.

Quantities: 100 units.

Delivery: January 19, 2024, directly to the customer.

I have included Dénitza, the individual who will be overseeing the continuation of this project, in the recipients of this email. Kindly maintain her inclusion in the communication loop and ensure ongoing collaboration with her.

Thank you.


Assistante Cheffe de Projets

magic 8 ball with emoji inside

Thank you for the prompt response!  A few questions/comments:
  1. Please read my original inquiry iin which I stated I wanted the balls delivered by March 1, 2024
  2. I do not have EPS or AI artwork yet.  Once I understand, and am comfortable with my pricing, I’ll send it to you.  But please see attached concept design of both the ball and the box/packaging.  I would want 3 color packaging, and 3 colors on the ball itself.  How does this impact your unit pricing?
  3. Please read my original inquiry that provided all of the written answers I want inside the ball.  Some are standard, some are not.  What is the cost for these?

Thank you in advance.

My name is Brian Leonard, and I would like to get a sample, and a quote for the following Magic 8 balls:

QuantitySize/TypeFull Color Print on BallCustom Printed BoxCustom AnswersDate Needed in USA

500 4.5 cm – keychain Yes – I will provide artwork to your specifications Yes – I will provide artwork to your specifications See Below Friday, March 1, 2024
200 12cm Yes – I will provide artwork to your specifications Yes – I will provide artwork to your specifications See Below Friday, March 1, 2024


No Affirmative Non-Committal Negative
1 Tuesday Ask Again Later My Sources Say “NO”
2 Outlook is good Website Down 2 hours late
3 Most Likely Cannot Predict Now Mechanical Issues
4 My Sources Say “YES” Patience Is A Virtue Crew Shortage
5 It Is Certain Weather Dependent Call Tom Bridge
6 Very Doubtful
7 Outlook Not Good
8 Bring a book
9 Take Kenmore
10 If You’re Lucky

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the quick reply.

We would like to see costs for 500/1000/1500 units please.

A Black or red outer with full colour logo to one position and then 3x custom messages on the internal dice.

There is no pressing deadline for these, so please advise what the standard production lead time is?

Can you also have some samples sent to me at our studio address below please:

Hope you are well and having a good start to the week.

Our finance department have confirmed payment was made for the samples, can you kindly advise once these have been dispatched and share tracking.

FAO Orlando Petley
Nirvana CPH
Unit 8 Waterside
44‑48 Wharf Road
London N1 7UX

Many thanks in advance.

Hi Mike,

I was referred to you by a colleague at my company, JLL. My team is interested in sending custom Magic-8 balls as a holiday gift and I wanted to start a conversation here. I explored your website, but have been asked to confirm the following information:

  1. Will we have to order 500 to get them customized? Or is there a smaller amount we can order?
  2. Do you think if we get the process started this week, we will be able to get them before the Holiday season?

We will most likely order them in black with just a small JLL logo added. And then custom answers inside.

I am sure we will have more questions as the process starts, but wanted to confirm these two first. Thanks so much.


– PMS color

– text/ logo printed on the outside 8 ball,any font is ok

– custom text on the inside magic 8 ball How to ask for custom answers on the magic ball: Get your customized magic 8 ball here

Ask a question – Turn ball over – Read answer in window!


hold ball with back window down

ask a “yes” or “no” question about the future

wait 10 seconds

turn ball over with window in a level position

answer will appear on spirit slate in window

magic 8 ball dice

There is no length or letter issue in the custom magic ball. There is no restriction like the one your answer could not be more than 20 characters.Using a magic 8 ball is a fun game that one can use to get the responses. Now the companies start manufacturing customized magic eight balls to facilitate the people and considering their choice at first place. Whatever, answers you like to have on your custom ball, just write them down and send it to the manufacturer.

The more lengthy the answer, the more short text font will appear on the ball. Customized magic eight balls are designed in a way that text is always centered aligned on the ball.

custom text magic 8 ball

magic 8 ball sayings

Are you annoyed with text every time appeared on the magic ball and want something more fun? Customize a magic ball manufacturer gives an opportunity to replaces the text with the pictures. The one benefit of using phrases is that one can understand the pictures easily. Feel free to add up photos, which you like and understand easily. It could be a cocktail glass, shot glass picture, champagne flute images and so on.

design template of magic 8 ball

custom magic 8 ball answers online

We’re just about ready to go — needed final sign off from our client. Is there any way to expedite production on the custom text magic 8 ball or is 20 days the minimum?

We’re looking to order 500 customised magic 8 balls including 20 customised answers

what’s the liquid in a magic 8 ball

You can go for letters like yes or no responses.

Use language, which you understand easily like Chinese, Arabic, Russian, English, and others.

One can use symbols as well like question mark etc.

Use images or pictures of your choice to make the response more fun.

custom magic 8 ball sayings
Standard custom magic ball 8 sayings:

If you do not want to go for your customized answers, then here is the list of custom magic 8 ball responses that already present in the ball 8.

I am interested in ordering a large number of the magic 8 ball. I would like to customize the logo on the outside and customize the answers inside as well.

Can you please send me a quote and possibly a sample?

custom floater inside 8 ball

Can you let me know if you can do a full color logo? Is Matte black an option?
Can you let me know if you can do a full color logo?
Is Matte black an option?

custom magic 8 ball sayings

What packaging do they come in?  Does each custom magic 8 ball sayings come in a box? and what is the 20 personalized magic 8 ball answers ?yes, we supply custom packaging as well, we can send you design artwork

can you please provide a rough cost estimate for custom magic 8 ball sayings how much it would be to include a one or two color simple “Deloitte” text logo on the 8 ball? Also, what color are the balls at this price?

we are looking for gadgets to give to our employes in the next group convention,

and we are interested in the magic  eight ball with custom answers.
we will like to costumize the logo so he graphic part of the ball, and of course the messages in the 8 ball.

Can you send over design templates for the packaging box?

custom magic 8 ball answers
Does the quote include custom packaging? Window or solid box?

it is packed within white paper box by default, we could do custom gift box according to your requirement,
$0.3 added for window box. $0.25 for solid box.

custom magic 8 ball online

Are you looking for a modified custom magic 8 ball responses? 

Have you seen there is already a lot of messages, phrases, sayings, and responses that can give a perfect answer to your question?

Therefore, there is no need to customized the messages and spend the money disturbing your budget. Just go with the flow of already available responses and enjoy the fun game to seek advice.


Here is the shipping mark that print and stick on each carton,

Iʻll need numbers printed on each of the 20 sides. Is there an extra fee for a print on each side? What is that fee?

custom answers mould cost $1500, one time cost , free for further orders.  answers would be text, numbers, emoji,

What exterior color choices do you offer? Can I get multiple color selections for the exterior in the 5,000 qty

we can do pantone color free of charge, different color is available

These look awesome! I’ll discuss with my team ,magic 8 ball  custom answers actually is perfect. Can we see one sample of custom magic 8 ball answers and one sample in the dark oil slick in the picture I sent? How many answers can we customize and how many letters/words per line?

custom magic 8 ball messages

1. Sorry I forgot to mention our deadline. If possible it would be great to have them before the new year. We have our first Event/Show January 5th. If that is too soon then sometime in January is fine.

2.So we love this custom magic 8 ball messages idea. We are brainstorming a new question and new 20 answers for it. Also we may also stick with the 500 order. As soon as we figure out our question and 20 answers, we should be good to go to order 10 cm custom magic 8 ball answers

3. Quick question – can we have full color artwork or are we restricted? Also, what’s the dimensions of the custom magic 8 ball messages

custom magic 8 ball answers

7cm Red, you’ve already received our updated logo of custom magic 8 ball messages. 500 pcs. Can you send a final sketch and invoice. We will go ahead with that question around the frame, and those 20 questions.

purple color 8 ball

magic 8 ball messages

I would like to make a lot of custom magic 8 ball online. What can I personalise – can it be colour and inside? What are costs, how long does it take etc?

If we wanted to order 300 of these and customize the messages,

how long would it take to have these in hand from start to finish? We’d like to brand this with our logo, etc. We are looking to have these by the 1st / 2nd week of April for an event.

custom magic 8 ball sayings

Could you please send me one sample ball of custom magic 8 ball online for review (with any custom logo), and price quotes in these quantities: 200, 500, 1000, and 2000. After design artwork is approved and an order is placed, how long will it take to receive the items in the United States? And what are your shipping costs? Thank you in advance.

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