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I received the branded magic 8 ball custom fortune ball set that you sent – thank you so much. Could you please let me know the size of the artwork on top of the custom fortune ball so I can plan the artwork accordingly?
1. Also saw that one of the balls has a print near the window.  What is the maximum size and length that can be written for this?
And can this be printed on both the top and the bottom of the magic 8 ball for personalized fortune-telling

The custom magic 8 ball is the perfect promotional item for any trade show. It offers a unique and interactive way to engage customers while giving them a fun and memorable experience.

With the ability to customize messages, one-liners, answers, graphics, logos, images, and slogans, this 8-ball can be tailored to your company’s needs. Additionally, you can make the packaging more personalized with images or slogans of your choice.

Not only will it draw in more customers but it will also help build brand awareness and loyalty.

Design and Development

The process of designing and developing a custom Magic 8 Ball begins with the creation of a logo. It is to be on the bottom of the ball. This logo should reflect the company’s branding. You may create them using graphic design software, such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

The slogan, which will appear around the answer area, should also be chosen carefully to express the brand message. In terms of color, it is important to use Pantone Match Color in order to accurately represent the brand’s palette.

Furthermore, up to 20 responses and answers can be added inside the Design a magic 8 ball for your brand  ball for a fully customized experience.

In order to make this custom Magic 8 Ball stand out at trade shows and other events, additional features can be added. For instance, lights or sound effects could be integrated into it for an interactive experience.

The box that it comes in can also customize with shapes, colors, or additional graphics. In this way, they showcase the brand’s personality. Furthermore, special packaging could even be designed for added impact at trade shows and other promotional events.

How it Works

The Magic 8 Ball is a popular fortune-telling game that many people have played throughout history. It works by relying on randomness and the laws of probability to provide answers to questions posed by its user.

The game is very easy to use; all you need to do is ask a question out loud and turn over the 8-ball. On the underside of the ball, there will be a response written in bold lettering.

When asking questions about the Magic 8 Ball, it’s important to remember that there are only twenty possible answers. Each answer can range from an unambiguous “yes” or “no” to more vague responses such as “maybe” or “ask again later”.

Examples of questions attendees can ask include: “Will I get the job?”, “Will I meet someone special soon?”, or “Will I pass my exams?”

Depending on what they ask, they may receive an affirmative response. These responses include “It is certain”, a negative one such as “Don’t count on it”, or something more ambiguous like “Outlook not so good”.

Ultimately, despite its simplicity and reliance on randomness, the Magic 8 Ball continues to captivate people. This is because of its mysterious answers and predictions for the future.

Whether attendees are feeling curious about their love life or anxious about an upcoming event, this timeless game can provide some much-needed guidance—or even just a momentary distraction from reality!

create your own branded magic 8 ball

2. The other question is does the quote of custom magic 8 ball include the box? and you can order a custom 8 ball online?
Please let me know on the above and I will work on getting you information accordingly!

I am looking for some custom promotional items to promote a campaign targeted at the industrial sector. I think this might be a perfect item and am looking  to understand more about the pricing. Thank you!

Is it possible to change the color of the ball itself to orange? What is the timeline typically like to create these, and are there any discounts available for bulk orders?


My name is Julia, and I work for a French board game publisher.
We’re getting ready to launch our new board game, and we’re thinking of a way to promote it.
We had an idea to manufacture a certain qty of magic balls with the theme of the game, and I’d like to get a quote for 500, 1000, 2000, and 3000pcs.
We are thinking of a black ball with custom printing around the window and on the back.
For the size, we’re leaning towards the keychain size, but I’d like to review the price for the regular 7cm as well.
As for the packaging, there are also two possibilities: either no packaging or a printed and shrink-wrapped box.
Do you think you can provide me with the numbers?
Along with the quote, could you please share the technical requirements for the files (for the ball and the die inside) and your current lead time?
Best wishes,
Julia Klokova
Export Manager
Interlude || Cocktail Games

personalised magic 8 ball


Hi Mike,

We are ready to re-order.  This time 1,000.  Please cost it out and send me an estimate for regular shipping by boat.  Our prospects and clients love them!!

Can you send me a price quote for 500 branded Magic 8 balls? I would like one quote to include only our company logo on the outside, and another quote for the custom messages on the inside. Thank you.

Rex Evans

Managing Director | Derivative Logic Inc.

Hi Mike,

Chase Bank wired the funds today (probably will go out tomorrow) for the Eight Ball Order. Unique personalized magic 8 ball  Transaction Number 154523589140001.


What executive wouldn’t wish that this custom fortune ball really made the decisions for him? Any of your executive clients will get a kick out of receiving this custom 8 ball answers with your company’s information.

personalized crazy 8 ball

Sizes: 7cm

Packaging: Packaging

Art, Proof, & Layout Charge – FREE!

purchasing a customized fortune teller ball

promo giveaway magic 8 ball

put your logo on a magic 8ball, $60 set up Per Order

I don’t see prices on the website. What would be a quote for a classic 8 ball with different Custom magic ball with custom messages and designs answers? Looking for the full size, 4” ball, not a keychain.

custom fortune ball

estimated production time: 10-25 business days business days after art proof approval plus 1-2 business days for order processing, design, and art proofing

Standard shipping time on most orders is typically 2-5 days depending on where your ship-to location is.

custom magic 8 ball answers

We will do whatever it takes to meet your event date! Some Quick Ship products can ship in as little as 48 hours!

Pls see ISF info below, and inform CNEE file ISF on time.
1)  S/O:  HKGV69868601
MB/L No: ONEYHKGV69868601
AMS HBL :  PEOAK1904846
3) Connection Vessel:  YM Milestone V.059E
ETD  HKG :  27/04/2019
ETA  OAKLAND:  17/05/2019
ETA :  30/04/2019
ETD :  30/04/2019
ETA :  13/05/2019
Lloyd Code :  9484998
4) Container / seal NO# : TTNU8234446 / MOL401884N
Size :  40HR
5) Container Stuffing location Name & Adress :

Freewill Litmited
5004-5010E 5/F, ATL Logistics Centre A, Berth 3 ,
Kwai Chung Container Terminal , Kwai Chung , N. T


Hi Team

We have an urgent request for 500 magic 8-balls for our Exhibition in Denmark.

We are pressed for time, so we need it as soon as possible (latest mid-September).

LOGO : Custom
PMS color Regular Black 8 ball, but with white stribe around the ball with How to create your own magic 8 ball put in the white section (one or two, so it covers the ball all the way around). Bottom text, also a white stribe with black text saying: When in doubt, ask HellermannTyton (the name HellermannTyton should be in corporate colors).
Size: 10 cm diameter
Material: ABS + liquid inside
20 custom answers

The 20 Custom answers:

Call HellermannTyton

Ask HellermannTyton


Your choice

Get advise

Make a decision

Have a meeting

Thumbs up logo

Thumbs down logo

Do it

We´ll make it happen

AI says yes

Can you afford not to

That’s durable

Take a chance

Stupid question

Most definitely

404 Error try again

Why not

Contact +45 70237120

What is the total price including shipment and fees, and how soon can we have them?

custom 8 ball re orders

RSA Warehouse Shipping Address:
Wiz / Booth #1635
RSA Conference 2023
C/O PDS / Freeman 365 E Grand Ave, Unit C
South San Francisco, CA 94080

Maggie Ebner

Operations Specialist

Please change name to Jasmin Ozeri she will be at the event and @Jasmin Ozeri Can you provide your phone number or phone number for RSA warehouse.

Hey Mike-

Can you attach our PO #US623 to the next invoice please? When these are ready to ship, please send the balance and Jasmin can pay it. Also, any chance we could have these before the 17th and arrive on the 14th? We have two places we can ship these two before our event starts. If they can arrive on the 14th we will provide a new address w/ contact info so let me know. Basically the date they arrive will determine where we need to ship. Thank you!

Maggie Ebner

Operations Specialist

customizable fortune teller ball

You can request a sample for FREE

The minimum order for bulk personalization and customization of this custom fortune teller ball is 500 pieces.

Additional imprint colors and or locations may incur additional charges of Customized magic 8 for promotions

A free virtual proof will be sent for approval before production on all orders.

magic 8 ball answers is easy to read

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