order custom magic 8 balls with custom messages oil slick print

Hi, my company is interested in creating magic 8 balls with custom messages. I have a few questions:
Is the MOQ still 500? We want the ball to have a PMS red, custom design (company color, company logo)

Your website said the custom messages can have 20 characters, does this include spaces?
Thank you!

magic 8 balls with custom messages


custom magic 8 ball decision maker toy

Here is the logo! Could you please give me a quote for 1 carton with this artwork from customised magic 8 ball uk suppliers

It seems my boss prefers the colored ball. Is it possible to choose the color? He wanted it in the same red as in our logo.
We are working on the custom messages now. Could you give me a price quote? Thank you!

custom magic 8 ball with logo (4)

customised prediction 8 balls

We are finalizing the messages now but may we check what the font size is for the text?

This looks great. Do you mind sending a mock up of the ball in the correct color with our logo? Also, how do you accept payment?


Could you do a mock up for these messages? Thank you!
can I receive it faster if I confirm today, before the holidays? Please send an invoice so I can start the payment process with my accounting department.
magic 8 ball oil silk color
Have a team dinner
Thank a colleague
Be vulnerable
Teach a topic
Send a nice email
Share feedback
Ask for feedback
Admit your flaws
Ask for help
Give praise
Ask a question
Chat informally
Check in
Reaffirm team goals
Coach side-by-side
Show appreciation
Give an ‘A’
Live ‘Rule #6’
Confirm alignment
Say, ‘Way to go!’

custom magic 8 ball make your own saying

magic 8 ball custom answers

custom magic 8 ball suppliers

 want to request 1000 magic 8 balls like the attached. They would have the 8 printed like in the photo, with the logo printed in white under it.

It does not need custom answers.

Can you let me know the cost and if you can do this type of shiny/ oil slick print?

custom 8 ball oil silk

custom message 8 balls in oil silk color

Thank you, That’s where your Magic 8 Ball comes into the equation.  I would like create foam balls made of XPOP material and insert the inner component of the Magic 8 ball, creating a Magic 8 Ball made from XPOP foam.  If I were to send you an XPOP Ball of foam (image attached below).  Could your team assemble the inside components?

We need to make 500 custom message magic 8 ball merchandising

custom printed magic 8 ball

1. Do you brand the balls just outside? we can do custom logo printing outside, and 20 custom answers inside in Russian / English
2. Is it possible to make balls with the answers that we come up with ourselves? yes, please send us your answers list, we will make mock up within 24 hours
3. How much will 500 such balls cost? (branded outside and with our answers inside) starting from $1.32, please send us your logo artwork in eps or ai format, we will make mock up and check price
4. What is the production time? production time 18 days.
5. What are the delivery times to Minsk? And how much will the delivery cost?

oil silk in different color eight ball

custome fortune 8 ball

We would like to re-order about 500 to 750 Custom Eight Balls with the same logo. This time we don’t need express delivery so the shipping charged should be considerably less. Can you send me a price proposal for $750 at the lowest shipping cost and an estimate of delivery.

The delivery and tax charges are counted along with the product before the payment so that you don’t have to pay any hidden prices when you make your payment online. You can also rest assured that you will get the product that you have ordered right in time and perfectly safe.


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