Custom Magic Balls Inquiry – Delivery in December possibilities

Good afternoon!

We are very interested in ordering approx 200 fully custom-made magic 8 balls. This would mean:
  • Full-color overall print (if possible)
  • Own text around the glass
  • Custom answers
What would the options and costs be if we need them beginning of December in The Netherlands?
Curious to hear!


I run a studio in New York that is working with a brand we are interested in making a custom 8ball for. Could you help me with the below request info?
IS there a minimum run?
What’s the cost per unit?
How quickly can they be produced and shipped? (When could they arrive in NYC?
Can you do a custom PMS?
Thank you!!
Johnathon Cramer
649 morgan ave, suite 3J
brooklyn, ny 11222

Thanks for the answers! I still have some questions from our designer:
  • What are the specs of the black screen in the ball? (Smart v8) is that 3,5 cm?
  • Is it possible to print on the whole ball, not over the screen but to cover up the rest of the ball?
  • How do you like the design to be delivered? A front and back side or would you like it as 1 file?
  • What are the specs for the print file?
  • Do you have a vector file of the packaging? Including cut, folding and bleed lines?
  • If not > is there a high resolution PNG of the packaging?
  • Is there a vector file from the digital triangles?
  • If not> what are the specs from the digital triangles? How many triangles is the max?
  • Is it possible to make different colours/fonts/illustrations in the triangles?
I hope you can get back to me soon, so we can deliver you the designs before the 15th!

Hey Mike!

We are almost done with creating the designs
In this link you will find what we have so far, please let me know if this is doable.
If its not, could you please sent me an example of how to deliver you the files?

Do you also have the costs estimated for me?

Hi Would love to get one of these samples. looking forward to hear from you thanks.

Hey Mike

Great to talk to you on WeChat, thanks for making our design possible,

HI we need a custom orange magic ball with a logo on it. Can you help us asap. We would need it at the end of the week
I would like a sample. Please send it too 2014 24th Ave SE, Norman ok 73071
In these links you will find:
We need 150 pieces delivered to our office before the 15th of December
Our address is:
’S Gravenhekje 1a
1011tg Amsterdam, the netherlands
Please let me know if you need anything!

Hi, can you tell me what is the minimum quantity to start production? Will it be possible to make 5-20 custom balls?

I’d like to receive more information about the possibility of having custom Magic8Balls created to use as a tradeshow giveaway. Pricing, minimum order quantities, and design options would be helpful.

– Hi there!

We would like to request a price quotation if we purchase 200-500 magic 8 balls.
In addition can you please provide what our options are for customizing the answers and adding our logo?

Lastly, i think we want a red ball with our white logo overlayed is that possible?

I hope to hear from you soon.



     Thanks for your quick response. We’re pitching ideas to a client for an event in May of 2024, so these custom magic 8 balls wouldn’t be needed until February or March of 2024. I’m guessing we will need somewhere between 2000 and 8000, but that’s just a guess based on what I know about the project so far. If we win the project we’d be able to narrow down the quantity more. At this point I’m mainly interested in coming up with a ballpark price figure or range.

– David Wilson

Hey Mike-

Cc’d here is Soraya looking to reorder another round of our Wiz magic 8 balls (images attached for reference). I did have one question for you before we order- is there any way to use a high end more sturdy material for the 8 ball

yes, we have better ABS material, especially production for Amazon sellers, it get about 99% good feedback

and/or to make it a slightly bigger ball? Do we have any options with that?

we have bigger ball, that is 10cm, it is the best selling on Amazon

see attached photos

Let me know and then @Soraya Barrett can provide qty she would be looking for and will need a quote.

 please let us the quantity and deadline, we will make quote within 24 hours


Maggie Ebner

Operations Specialist