promotional magic 8 ball

use magic ball for your next promotional campaign, event, a great promotional item ever before

I’d be curious about the lead time and cost to get 2000 custom units created. These would be needed by May 24th. Is this possible?

Custom Magic Answer Ball with Embossed Logo

Are you interested to know about what is going to happen in the future or you like a fortune –telling as a hobby. Technology made everything advanced that now it is easy to predict your fortune or get the best advice. Yes, here comes custom magic answer ball with an embossed logo design that helps to get the answer of your every question. In this piece of writing, you will learn about what is a magic ball, its features, features and honest review.

What is a magic ball?

Magic ball or magic eight ball, is a normal size toy ball, that used for advice seeking or fortune telling. This is not a new concept or products, but it first originated in the 1950s. It is simple in use, just ask a question to the ball and turn it over or get the answer.

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customize magic 8 ball

  • need your company logo imprint on it? no problem, simply send us your design artwork
  • we will make digital proof for review before orddering
  • I was hoping to get a customized 8-ball. Are you able to customize the messages inside as well?
  • attached is our price list, for your reference,
    Turnaround time is 20 days for quantity below 1k qty, yes we can meet your deadline mid may

Hi sara,

we have 4 different size to choose from, 4.5cm keychain, 7cm,10cm,12cm diameter
and keychain size is our best selling style, great item to advertising your brand.

Want to make sure I have this pricing correct.

For 900 units, key chain Magic 8 Balls, we are looking at a cost of about $2,600? Custom answers.

Also what is the branding opportunity for the white box?

make your own magic 8 ball with Your company Logo

What executive wouldn’t wish that this eight ball design executive decision maker really made the decisions for him? Any of your executive clients will get a kick out of receiving this promotional magic 8 ball

custom made magic 8 ball

Item Details

  • Sizes: 3.2 “
  • Packaging: Packaging
  • Art, Proof, & Layout Charge – FREE!

Hello looking to order 750 custom magic 8 ball key chains for an event in las vegas mid may. We are based in NYC. Can someone please reach out withing pricing, etc. Thank you.

yes, we could make sticker and paste onto the white box for free.
see attachment

I would like to know the estimated cost to buy a custom magic 8 ball with custom answers.


black magic eight ball 10cm

we wanted to request a quote on 700, 750 and 900 magic 8 balls. I would need each ball to include a company logo, as well as 20 custom answers within the custom magic 8 ball. What would be the cost, and how quickly could you produce the items? Thanks!If wanted to pay for a custom box what would that cost?

We have an event mid May.

Thanks for getting back to me!

Do you have something more shiny? Similar to the rose gold but more silver instead?

So you do not have a mirror ball that is more silver mirror?

silver color 8 ball

custom magic answer ball

  • promotional magic 8 ball production time: 10-25 business days business days after art proof approval plus 1-2 business days for order processing, design, and art proofing
  • Standard shipping time on most orders is typically 2-5 days depending on where your ship-to location is.
  • Just to confirm, how much more would it be for the 7cm ball?
  • could you please send us the answers list and logo artwork in EPS format, we will make mock up before ordering

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can request a sample for FREE
  • The minimum order for bulk personalization and customization of this item is 500 pieces.
  • Additional imprint colors and or locations may incur additional charges.
  • A free virtual proof will be sent for approval before production on all orders.

Okay can you revise this quote for 750 units.

We are working on artwork now for you!

silver mirror color
Few questions for you –

* Can you send color selections for the ball?

* Do you have any iridescent options similar to the attached heart image? We also like this image.

Yes, 750 qty of the 7cm ball WITH packaging. Final quote for this?

Can you let me know if you can do a full color logo?

Is Matte black an option?

Can you send over design templates for the packaging box?

dieline of the custom box

hello again Mike,

What is the additional cost if we did the larger 10cm balls? Same 750 qty with custom boxes.
We would like to do a silver chrome ball with our logo on it, and writing printed around the circle window.
I have linked below our logo so you can tell us if it’s possible to print it onto a chrome ball.

1. We would like a chrome ball. What is the cost for the larger 10cm size instead of the 7cm? We included 7cm and 10cm artwork just in case the 10cm is out of our budget.
2. We used a custom brand font for the answers. Can you do custom font or will you have to change it?
3. You will see our logo in the artwork. It is full-color. Let me know if that will be okay to print.

custom print onto a blue 8 ball

I know we have a time difference but we need to have this order ready to go quickly because we need to have them delivered to Las Vegas by May 15th.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the updated pricing.

We have 4K budgeted for this item, we really want the larger 10 cm ball but 6K is just too high.

Is there anything we can do to bring this cost down? Shipping costs seem very high as well.

Keep in mind, these will be distributed at a media conference, where all the major brands will have a presence. This will be great exposure for your company.

Let us know what you think.

Following are the options available for a magic eight ball:

  • Custom Magic Octopus Ball
  • Custom Magic eight Ball Package
  • Custom Metalic Color Magic 8 ball

Review: 4 inches custom magic eight balls with embossed logo:

Are you excited to buy your magic 8 ball? Here is the best custom-made magic eight ball review that helps you to know everything about it in details and how it works.

Custom Fortune Telling Ball Characteristic:

The first thing a customer is more looking for is the characteristics of the product. Here are the characteristics of custom fortune telling ball.

  • Size of the ball:

The size of the ball is perfect as one can hold it with hands easily and take it anywhere. The ball comes in 4 inches size or 10cm.

  • Logo imprint area:

Logo imprint area is all about 5×5cm, and the text is written around the window of the ball.

  • Messages availability:

Messages are available on custom magic 8 ball. Custom swim pool ball is also available.

Customised Fortune Telling/advice seeking Ball Packing:

What comes in the packaging of custom fortune telling ball? Here are the things:

  • Carton size:

The carton size is almost 41.8 x  22.2 x  61.8 cm

  • Net weight:

13 KGS

  • Gross weight:

15.5 Kg

  • Per master carton:

100 pieces.



The mirror-finish ball mockup you sent is great. That’s what we want – mirror all around.
We don’t want to change the logo colors, so instead I added an all-black option to the art file.
We also changed the words around the window of the ball, and some of the custom answers.Okay thank you,
Let’s go ahead with the 7cm in mirror chrome.
Please send proofs of the artwork so we can confirm.

Mockup looks good thank you.

I will send the invoice to our Accounting department today.
Also, would it be possible to add 50 balls to the order? If so, how much additional cost would that be?
custom 8 ball samples
Wanting a white 10cm magic ball with 2 color logo and custom 20 answers. Is this possible and whats the turn around time and quote?

My hope is that if these turn out I will order a few thousand but since this is my first order I want to make sure they turn out correctly.

I have the sayings ready. These would be in hand by May 31st 2019? If yes, Send me the invoice and I’ll get the information to you.

yes custom answer. Here are the answers:





30 + 30 = 50

















20 custom sayings mock up


Words inside standard eight ball:

If you wanted a perfect toy for children and adults, the standard eight ball is the best option. Standard 8 ball comprised of all necessary words or sentences that one need when seeking for the best advice. It gives you many possible answers to your question, which is fun to play. Answers on the standard magic ball are positive as well as negative. Different colors differentiate positive and negative responses.

Here is the list of possible answers that standard 8 ball will give you when you ask some question.

Yes, no, unlikely, the stars say no, so it shall be, consult me later, can’t say now, looks like yes, no doubt about it, positively, absolutely, focus and ask again, you can count on it, chance aren’t good, prospect good and so on.

Choose ink color For Magic 8 Balls: purple and red

The best thing about custom magic eight ball is now you can order it according to your favorite color — it manufacturers in two amazing colors, purple and red. Therefore, whether you like your magic 8 ball to be purple or red, order it according to your choice. The color will not be as same as you see in the picture. It may be 1 or 2 points lighter or darker than the color showing in the picture.


promotional magic 8 ball

Oh my goodness I’m SO excited!!

30 + 30 = 50

We help disabled military veterans get disability money. If they get a 30% disability for one medical condition and 30% for a second medical condition they only get paid 50%. It’s a joke between the military veterans that the system can’t do math.

It’s an odd part of the disability system.

Wonderful! I’m getting excited! Thanks for the update 🙂


we are interested in ordering custom magic 8 balls for an event we are having. we would want both the outside and inside customized. Let me know if we can chat further. thank you

out shell of promotional magic 8 ball

Custom Magic 8 Ball Responses:

Are you wondering where the response whether negative or positive will be shown on this 4 inches ball? This is interesting that the answer or response of your question shown in the middle of the ball in the pyramid or triangle shape. It is fascinating to see written words in the middle of the ball in triangle. However, the responses are not written in a single lane because not all words can fit into one line. Therefore, the whole response is divided into 3 lines depending on the length of the response.

There is a division of the letters on each line:

  • The first top line carries 4 letters.
  • The middle or second line carries 7 letters
  • The end line or third one row carries a total of 11 letters.

Is appearing of words in rows now seems boring and unattractive to you? Are you looking for some cool changes in your magic 8 ball? Why not give photos or pictures a try on your fortune-telling ball instead of letters? Now you can design your custom magic 8 ball according to your preferences. The pictures could be of any type like cocktail glass etc.


custom logo magic 8 ball size

Go for custom logo print:

Now one can print the custom logo of his own choice. Select your favourite color and request for printing at the bottom of the ball. Remember that single color printing will be the best because the workers print logo not the machines. Multi colors will be hard to print as a logo by a man.

Wanted to order? Here is the complete procedure:

  • First, go to the website from where you want to order.
  • After confirming the payment, the process will be started. It will take three or more weeks to design custom magic 8 ball.
  • Shipping will also take weeks or month if it delivered from China. It also depends on which delivery company you are using for.

10cm diameter magic 8 ball

Gift packing for your magic ball:

If someone wants gift pack magic balls to surprise friends or family by giving them a present, the company will do the cardboard gift packing for you also.

How to use magic ball:

Hold it in your hands carefully and in the right position. Then shake it well, and you will get the response to your question.

What are you thinking about now? Just order your custom magic 8 ball now and enjoy the fun game.

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