Global Shipping Guide


Shipping MethodsDelivery Time (business days)Carried by
Global Postal Service-No Tracking10 – 20National Postal Service
Global Postal Service-Tracking10 – 18National Postal Service
Global Expedited Postal5 – 8EMS or other specialized global e-commerce shipping couriers
Global Economy Express4 – 7SF Express
Global Expedited Express3 – 4DHL, UPS, FedEx, and TNT
Local Standard3 – 5Local couriers


Global Postal Service – Tracking is also carried out by a national postal service, but includes tracking capability. The couriers charge a fixed tracking fee per package, typically ranging from USD $1 – 3.


Additionally, it varies from country to country and can take 10 – 18 business days (14 – 26 week days). We recommend the use of Global Postal Service – Tracking to improve your experience.


Global Expedited Postal

Global Expedited Postal Shipping takes 5 – 8 business days (8 – 12 week days), and generally it is provided by EMS or other specialized global e-commerce shipping couriers.


It is highly recommended to use for oversized packages or items with shipping restrictions; such as those containing liquids, batteries, powders or gels that cannot be shipped with expedited shipping.


To ensure fast delivery when you order USD $60 or more, we only recommend the usage of Global Expedited Postal and Global Expedited Express Shipping.


Global Economy Express

Global Economy Express is a new shipping method we are proud to offer to give you more options in shipping.


With tracking support and 4 – 7 business days (7 – 11 week days) delivery, Economic Express is faster than Expedited Postal, but cheaper than Expedited Express ; Economic Express offers a middle option where speed and cost are balanced and peace of mind is guaranteed.


Global Expedited Express

Global Expedited Express Shipping is the fastest way to ship your product globally. It typically takes 3 – 4 business days (5 – 7 week days) to arrive and is carried by one of the following global express shipping companies: DHL, UPS, FedEx, and TNT. We have very good discounted prices from the couriers to save money; we highly recommend the usage of Global Expedited Express Shipping for the best shopping experience.


The tracking for Global Expedited Express Shipping is far superior to those of its counterparts. It includes updates on every step of the way.


The only drawback of Global Expedited Express Shipping is that it comes with a minimal charge of USD $10-15 per package. Therefore, it would only be economical, if the order is at least USD $40 or more.


Important Tips for Global Expedited Express Shipping:


The shipping price increases when the weight exceeds the 500mg mark. In other words, if the order is 999mg, the shipping cost is the same as 501mg.


Additionally, all expedited deliveries require a signature upon arrival, and are not always suitable for P.O. Box Addresses. If a P.O. Box address is provided, we may contact the customer for an alternate address, an actual residence/place of business, to insure there are no delays during the delivery process.


Enjoy savings on shipping time and cost by following these tips!


Duty & Tax Insurance

Each country has different rules concerning import duties and taxes. Often, there may not be a charge, but there is also the chance that upon arrival the customer will be charged duties/taxes; in which case the customer is responsible for the extra charges. To completely remove the stress and uncertainty from a shopping experience, we recommend the purchase of Duty & Tax Insurance from us. As long as Duty & Tax Insurance is bought, we will fully reimburse customers any additional tax or duty fees that may have been incurred.


What shipping methods do you offer?

Shipping Time

Shipping MethodRegionDelivery Time
(business days)
Peak Season Delivery Time (business days)
Postal Service – No Tracking
Postal Service – Tracking
Brazil, Russia, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Mexico15-3520-45
All Other Countries10-2015-30
Expedited PostalRussia, Brazil10-25
Latin America (excluding Brazil)7-15
All Other Countries5-8
Economy ExpressThe United States4-7
Expedited ExpressWorldwide (excluding Russia, Brazil & Greece)3-5