custom made magic 8 ball

Are you able to customize what the dice inside the magic 8 ball answers says as well as the logo on it?
you’ve already received our updated logo. 500 pcs. Can you send a final sketch and invoice.
We will go ahead with that question around the frame, and those 20 questions.

Since you have the option to give us any design, you can use Adobe to share the design with our team, and we will comply.

We will also show you virtual finalization of your design before it is ready so you can consent to it. Your custom Magic 8 Ball is going to change your life, and now you can choose the way it looks!


custom made magic 8 ball


custom magic 8 ball uk

1) What size is the customizable magic 8 ball?

2) Does it come in other color options? And would anything other than the color black be considered a custom order? My client might want magic 8 balls in bulk

3) What would the cost be to order 100, 250 and 500 Magic 8 balls with my client’s logo on it? are you magic 8 ball manufacturer?

custom text around answers window

personalized magic 8 ball answers

4) Is there a setup fee for printing the logo on the Magic Logo Ball?
5) Can we get these delivered to the USA by January 19th?
5) What is the shipping cost for personalized magic eight ball?

Customization Questions
1) I see that we can customize answers — how much does that cost?
2) How much lead time will customizing the answers add to the production/shipping time?



custom made magic 8 ball with company logo

We are interested in having these made for our company. Can you please provide sizing information, as well as pricing? What is the minimum order?


custom sample ups receipts

Also, how many sides are on the customized dice inside the ball?  Thanks in advanceHello, we are interested in ordering 100 magic logo balls. No customization is needed for the outside, just 20 custom answers inside. What would be the cost and the delivery date?

Also, which colors/finishes are available for that quantity? Many thanks in advance.



,magic ball logo

Hi Mike,

Many thanks for your prompt reply. Much appreciated!

I am in a conference call till late and I can’t talk, but if you could send me an initial cost and delivery date, it would be great!
Then we can discuss the details later.

Many thanks in advance for your time.


how can i order magic 8 ball

Fantastic, thank you! I will come back to you very shortly.

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