Quote request for 12cm Custom Magic 8 ball


I am interested in ordering 400 magic 8 balls with custom messaging. I’ve attached the logo that will go on the outside of the ball.
Can you please share a quote with me as well as let me know the details around the custom messages that are on the inside?


we could do 20 custom answers,
max 19 characters for each answer.
please feel free to send us your answers list
Good to hear from you. Yes got the quote and mock up. We are working on the messages now. Should hopefully have that for you by the end of the week and then will be ready to place the order.


Great, thanks for the updates
1.  20 custom answers total
max 19 characters for each answer.
please send us answers list, we will make mock up
custom answers mold cost $1200. one time cost, free use for further orders.
Hi Mike,

Do we have to do 20 custom answers or could we do 8 or 12 instead? If so, would it be our 12 custom answers and 8 standard answers or do you have a 12 sides die?
hi asa
we have both 20 sides die and 12 sides die.
please see attached photos.
answers mold cost is the same


If we want to design the box these come in how much does that add to the cost? And do you have dieline I can use for artwork design?

Here is our 12 custom Answers:

• Come Back Tomorrow
• Your Lucky Day!
• Need more data
• My model says no
• Yes with tradeoffs
• That’s not the plan
• Spend It!
• Cut It!
• What Happened?
• Who’s approving this?
• Sure, I’ll forecast it

We are still working on the artwork for the custom box but is it possible to start on the 8balls and then get you the box art later this week?

Can you send me over a final quote for 400 units 10cm with full color logo, 12 custom answers , and a custom boxes? Please include all set up fees, run fees, shipping and taxes.


We want to work on the shipping packaging while you are completing and sending order to our Las Vegas address.
Can we update the quantity to 300 units? They are rebranding in a few months and want to order a smaller amount now and another larger order in a few months once the rebrand is complete.
I’ve attached the dieline for the box design. Essentially it is just their logo on the top of the box.
Once I have the new invoice for 300 units I’ll send over the wire transfer.
Let me know if you have any questions.


The proofs look good for the answers and the magic 8 ball!

Please let me know if you need anything else. Can you also please advise on an estimated arrival date? I know CNY is coming up and that will extend the timeline so just want to provide the best estimate to my client.