custom 8 ball keychain have a custom logo for the 8-ball key chain. Would like to know pricing with that and custom answers We would like 200 in the next 2-4 weeks. That possible? would like a price on the 8-ball key chains with the custom answers.

Around the answer window, we would like and first-in-rodent studies.

About how much would that be for custom 8 ball keychain?



What does the process look like to have the custom answers in the 8 ball?

Here’s what we are looking for.Marketing – Magic 8 Ball Order(Opens in a new browser tab)

For around the window.


On the Back will be the XYZ logo. (Attached)

Is this standard language or custom language? If it’s custom what is the length? 20 Characters?

Custom answers in Eightball.





Talk to Xyzagen

%F is low

Dose proportional

Too short a half-life

Kill the program

Not soluble for IV

My sources say yes

Focus on Metabolism

%F is high

Anti-drug antibody

Talk to an expert

Model the data

BioA 1st

It appears toxic

505(b)1 approach

505(b)2 approach

These are looking good!

Since we have the room around the window, I think we would like to add First-in-MouseTM along with First-in-Rat™ and have that wrap all around the window.

Do you have a dark blue or teal ball? I have attached our white logo and we think that might look better.

If we could get these changes, I think we’ll be good to go!



Alright the blues look great!

Is there a cost difference blue with the white logo and the blue with just the white lettering? Both would have the custom text inside the 8ball.

Still aiming at 200.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for being so helpful.

To save some money, we want an invoice for the blue ball, white logo with color inside the lettering, and standard answers, not custom magic 8 ball keychain wholesale(Opens in a new browser tab).

If we could get an invoice for that, we will move forward.