How to Turn Prospects into Loyal Customers by Using Custom Magic 8 Balls?

How often did you use a magic 8 ball to resolve a dilemma? Many of you would say one time, two times, or never. Everyone knows that the magic 8 ball answers questions. It is a fortune-telling object that first appeared in 1950. It became popular and many people used it. Today, it has become a novelty toy for both kids and adults.

Old magic 8 balls used to answer questions in yes or no, but modern fortune-telling balls are different. It can provide up to 20 answers. You can get custom magic 8 balls with custom magic 8 ball sayings. It can be a perfect promotional product if you want to increase brand awareness!

How to get personalized magic 8 balls?

Magic 8 ball is an exciting gift for any person. People love it because it’s the 18th most exciting toy of all time. You can turn many prospects into customers if you offer personalized fortune-telling balls as a giveaways gift. Find a reliable custom magic 8 ball manufacturer to place the order now.

Although Mattel has sold this toy for a long time, some new brands are selling improved versions of this ball. When we say improved versions, it means better size options, answers, and quality of the ball.

You will find many sources to buy custom magic 8 ball UK. Are all of them reliable? No, many retailers supply poor-quality magic 8 balls. Poor performance and build quality will annoy any answer seeker.

Do not pick any newbie to place the order for hundreds of personalized magic 8 balls. Pick a trusted manufacturer and retailer like MagicLogoBall. This platform has sold more than 570,000 custom magic 8 balls till the date. It has pleased big business corporations with the build quality of fortune-telling balls. That’s why it became popular as the leading custom made magic 8 ball supplier.

Who should use magic 8 ball giveaway for marketing?

The concept of distributing gifts to win people’s loyalty has existed since ancient time. Freebies make people consider your offer. It makes them focus on your message and take positive points out of the message.

The time has changed, freebies have changed, but the tradition did not change. Freebies and giveaways are still a crucial part of brand marketing tactics. Experts use impressive products to lure new clients, please the existing clients, and turn prospects into customers.

You are missing some great opportunities to grow your brand and business if you are still not implementing this tactic. It must be a part of your brand strategy if you are a new startup. It will bring to draw many new local prospects. Besides, your brand will get better exposure.

Feed customized sayings into the magic 8 balls. Equip every triangular card with the brand logo and then print the answers. Of course, the user will shake the ball many times to get the answer. Your brand name will appear every time the user uses that ball. It will imprint your brand name on his/her mind.

Custom Magic 8 Balls are cost-effective. You can place the order for hundreds of fortune-telling balls. Give them as freebies and giveaways in promotional events and competitions. You will win many new customers. It will give your brand a fair chance to survive and compete against already established brands.

How to use magic 8 ball giveaways to gain the desired outcomes?

You should know your goals if you want to run a successful giveaway campaign. Do you want new leads, followers, increased brand loyalty, reputation? What are your goals? Plan the campaign according to the goals.

Once you know what you want to achieve, you should find the best custom magic 8 ball UK supplier. Who is offering this novelty toy at an affordable price? Who is offering the best quality? Who is allowing you to customize the ball and magical answers according to your needs? Ask these questions before you choose a supplier. MagicLogoBall is indeed the best choice you have if want top-quality custom Magic 8 balls at affordable prices.

You know your goals and got the fortune-telling balls, now pick the best platform for running the giveaway campaign. Use social networking platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. to run a successful campaign. You will quickly reach the target audience and gain thousands of new followers. Those followers can quickly turn into your loyal customers if they get what they are looking for.

Let them compete to get your brand’s Magic 8 Balls:

People love competition. They find it fascinating when they work hard to get a freebie. That freebie becomes a precious item in their lives and they keep it for a long time. Organize simple competitions on social media platforms to entertain your followers.

They will compete, win, and get fortune-telling balls with custom magic 8 ball sayings. It will reinforce their belief in your brand and turn them into your loyal customers.