Hi there,

My name is Elyssa and I am the Communications and Events Manager at EasySend.
I am interested in ordering the MOQ of 500 for either the 7 cm or 10 cm in diameter ball, to be delivered to the United States by the beginning of September.
We will want to design the ball with 5-6 PMS colors.
Could you please send general pricing for both sizes, and what it would cost to add more colors?
Could you also go ahead and send the design template for the ball, and the box?
Also, is the below example 7 cm in diameter? If not, could you send a picture of someone holding a 7 cm ball?

Yes, we would like to move forward with the 7 cm option, 500 count.
I have added our logo attached, as well as our branbook Here so you have the Pantone colors.
You may make a mockup, however, we would also like to create a mockup of the ball with not only the logo, but also colorful shapes, as you can see in our logo and/or on our website. I can have our design ready and sent over by early next week.
Also, could you send the template for the box? We would like to design this as well – and please let me know if there is an extra cost.
Hi Mike,

My designer informed me that the template you sent for the box appears to be for the 10cm ball. Could you send the box design template for the 7cm ball, or clarify for the template you already sent?
Also, could you send a template and/or specific instructions of how you would like to receive the ball design? We are working on the mockup, but not sure about spacing, etc. to add the graphics.
Hi Mike,

Thanks again, and could we enlarge everything on the top of the ball? It currently looks smaller than we wanted in your mockup. Is there a way to receive a 3D version, similar to the box you sent?
Also, we would like the line to continue all the way down to the screen – added a line below to show how it should continue

Hi Mike,

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