I’m interested in ordering custom response magic 8 ball for some events this year. Can you tell me what the turnaround time is for these items? We are interested in creating custom standard size magic 8 balls. We would need around 400. Can you tell me how fast we could get them?

I know you mention below 25 days, is that 25 business days? We are hoping to mail them out the week of Feb 10th. Is that possible?


Ok. We are pulling together our order. Can you tell me the price if we order 300 or 500? Are there price breaks at certain quantities? If so, please share that as well, if we ordered more than 500.

Great, attached is our price list of 300 vs 500 qty custom response magic 8 ball, for your reference

10% discount for quantity more than 500 pcs custom response magic 8 ball.

Great! Thank you. Are we allowed to put the 8 in the middle of our logo, or does patel have some licensing we have to go through for approval?
We’d like to order 1,000 of the 12cm 8-balls. Please send over a quote/invoice and we will get the order placed asap.

Correction, we actually need 1200.



the original/ standard size magic 8 ball is 10cm diameter,
and it is our best seller.
attached is invoice for quantity 500 vs 1200 pcs custom response magic 8 ball, please check
deadline before Feb 10th
please let us know when it get approved, we will arrange production ASAP

20 custom response magic 8 ball total

max 19 characters for each answer
please send us answers list, we will mock up for answers.
2. please send us the ball color number, logo in ai format,
and text around the answers window
we will make mock up ASAP


Attached is a picture of how we want it to look. Also, attached is the logo for the top of the ball.

Pantone 2112 for the ball color

white and Pantone 306 for the connector circle on top, and white for the text.


Here are the responses for inside the 8-ball

Magic ball answers:


It’s not looking like it


Most likely

It’s starting to look like it

You can count on it

Yes, let’s connect

I think you know

We can do it

Fantastic question

Signs point to yes

Let’s do it together

Almost certainly

Are you ready for that?

Very soon

Let’s make it happen

Anything is possible

We’re confident

Well, that depends

Too soon to tell



Hello- the mockups look good.

Thank you. My team is working on processing the payment. This won’t delay our order correct? Can you tell me the expected delivery date to the states?

Great thank you! I will get this processed today. And when should we expect to receive them in Lewisville, TX?

We are really looking forward to these.

Ok thank you for the update. Please continue production and let’s just try to get them out asap.

These look really nice! We are excited to get them.