I am interested in having custom 8 balls created as part of a gift for qualifiers for my companies incentive trip. I would like to get information on the below:

1. Production times
2. Color Options
3. Getting a sample
4. Cost (We are interested in ordering 550 8 Balls

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your quick follow up!

-We are interested in possibly ordering up to 550 units. (This could possibly go down to 150 units if we decide to only gift these to our top qualifiers instead of the entire group)
-Deadline for would be January 30th

Questions for you:
-Do you offer templates for the Ball Design, questions, and packaging?
-Is there a limit to the logo color? Can we pick the ball color?
-What is the characteristic (letters/word) limit for each question?
-Do you have a photo of the packaging?
-Do you all provide a sample of the ball we create before full production?
-How long is production?


Hi Mike,

Yes we received both samples and really liked them. We liked the larger size you sent.

Could you send the design templates for the answers and ball again?.. my apologies I cannot find the attachment.

Our design team would like to start working on these ASAP.

Can you also let me know if the turn time is still 30 days and 45 day by sea shipping?

Is there a way to pay for a faster shipping?



Good Morning Mike,

We are ready to place the order and get the 8 Balls into production.

I am attaching a spreadsheet that includes:

-All 20 custom answers

-The outer window message

-Ball Color – PMS Color: BLACK

-Logo will need to be printed in WHITE – AI File attached.

Can you please send your company mockup as soon as possible.

Additionally can you send a new quote and link for me to make payment?

We would still like have this shipped by air in order to guarantee a February 17th in-hand date. If an earlier date is possible that would be great!

Let me know if you need anything else from me.