I would like to get a quote on 100 10cm magic 8 ball. Need them in the next couple weeks.
hi rob
1Z6929VE0440319096  UPS
the goods has been signed on 04/06,  please let us know if you have receive the goods

Here is what we need:

  • 12cm size
  • 100 pieces
  • 20 customized answers
  • 10cm magic 8 ball
  • Black % symbol on white circle
  • Strategic Diversified Logo on the side of the ball (attached)
  • Slogon: Your Success, Our Story Opposite the logo on other side of the ball
  • SD Logo is black and should blend in with the ball

Here are the customized answers:

  1. Looks like a 1.9%
  2. Call SD
  3. Outlook is hazy
  4. Consult F&I
  5. Ask for a credit app (nah)
  6. 14.9% or higher
  7. Try again later
  8. Straight up guess
  9. Switch units
  10. Silently stare at salesperson
  11. Order lunch
  12. Lowest rate ever!
  13. Laugh hysterically
  14. 84 months at 2.9%
  15. 0%
  16. Try Again Later
  17. Flip a coin
  18. Switch to a lease
  19. Babble incoherently
  20. Ask for a credit ap

10cm magic 8 ball with branded logo

for custom answers:
1. 20 custom answers total
2. max 19 characters for each answer
3.  $1200 for custom answers mold cost , one time cost, free use for further orders.


I just need to confirm that we are using our logo and our slogan as pictured in the attachment.  Please confirm the elements of the ball as seen in the attachment and we will place an order for a trade show.

I need to be sure you understand 100% what we are asking.  The % sign is in black with a white circle / The SD logo is on one side / The Slogan is opposite the logo.

Please confirm.




Once we send you the files you requested and you send us a confirmed mock up, we can place the order.


10cm magic 8 ball
10cm magic 8 ball


Here you go. 20 custom magic 8 ball answers  All under 19 characters:

Looks like a 1.9%

Call SD

Outlook is hazy

Consult F&I

Get a credit app?

14.9% or higher

Try again later

Straight up guess

Switch units

Stare at nothing 

Order lunch? 

Whats lower than 0?

Laugh hysterically

84 months at 2.9%

Range payments?

Money down?

Prime minus 1

Any rate under 3%

(Your age x 2)-100

a2 + b2 = c2