We would need these to be sent to a London address by the 5th August, is this possible?



Hi Mike,

The client has said he is fine with the football design you have shown. Can you update the quote if we were to go with the following answers:

  • Passion Moves You Forward
  • Follow your dreams
  • Love what you do
  • Always move forward
  • Great things will happen
  • Fuelled by passion
  • Never settle!
  • Follow your unique path

I am looking to place the order today.

Is there any way the blue triangle (with the answer below) can be a different colour? Rather than blue? Do you have any other selection?

sure, we can do PMS color for the answers triangle, for free
let me explain
1. the answers floater is silver platic
2. we can do custom color ink inside so that the answers will appear different colors.
attached is samples for blue answers, green answers, red answers. FYR