Why Use Tradeshows and Custom Text Magic 8 Ball to Promote Your Brand?

Brands have been using tradeshows to launch new products, services, and market them. The recent advancements in technology allowed businesses to continue organizing these shows on the web.

It was difficult to keep the visitors engaged if they are attending the show on a digital platform. Therefore, many organizers planned custom text magic 8 ball giveaways for the attendees. It worked and thousands of people participated in online tradeshows.

One cannot deny the effectiveness of tradeshows and giveaways when it comes to marketing. Both tactics have delivered positive outcomes. Now, it is your time to implement these marketing tactics to grab more leads and generate more sales.

Perks of organizing a tradeshow with Magic 8 Ball giveaway:

A tradeshow is a great platform to put forward your new products and services. The following reasons make it a perfect platform to market your brand:

  • It is cost-effective:

You don’t need to rent an entire hall! Just get a simple booth in a tradeshow to market your brand and products. Get company’s name and logo imprinted on 8 ball answers and at the fortune-telling magic ball. It will cost quite an affordable investment. People would love to grab the giveaways and use them. It will be the first step to make your brand customer’s favourite brand.

Enter the target market easily:

Trade shows bring the target audience to your doorsteps. You enter the target market quite easily. You meet many people interested in your products. Therefore, your brand gets easy exposure. Use the leading tradeshow giveaways promotional item agency to get the best giveaway products. You will not only attract the prospects but also gain their trust by giving Magic 8 Balls as freebies.

  • Find new audience:

It becomes pretty simple to find new prospects when you enter a highly targeted market. People visit tradeshows to explore new brands, companies, products, and services. They come to try new things and learn more about small and medium-sized businesses.

You can stand out of the queue and lure more new prospects by offering freebies. Make people come to you. Offer free magic 8 balls and you will gather a huge crowd. Now, you can reveal the products and services your brand provides. People will stand there and listen to your sales pitch. You may immediately turn many prospects into customers if your pitch is impressive.

  • Strengthen your relationship with the customers:

You are competing against many other brands. They are ready to grab your customers. Do not give them an opportunity because it will result in a huge loss for your business. Use the tradeshows and giveaways to establish a more effective relationship with clients.

Your customers may not plan to buy the product now, but they will walk out as your loyal customers. Impressive giveaways like custom text magic 8 ball ensure, your clients are happy and loyal to your brand. So, don’t miss such opportunities to strengthen your bond with the customers.


  • It’s a simple investment for year-round promotion:

People do not put novelty gifts like Magic 8 balls in the storeroom. They use it daily. It answers questions that you cannot ask another person. Although it is just a toy, it becomes an integral part of your life.

A magic 8 ball with your brand’s name and logo can promote your brand time-and-again every day. The client will at least see your logo every day. It will remain in his mind whenever he decides to buy a product or service you sell.

Be more active than your competitors:

Do you believe your competitors won’t notice if you market your brand in a tradeshow? They will notice it and implement similar or better marketing tactics to beat you in the market. It is an ongoing war to emerge as a superior brand in the market.

You won’t win this war if you aren’t active. One tradeshow is not enough to achieve your marketing goals. Get active on social media platforms. Organize luring competitions to encourage new prospects for participation. Offer magic 8 balls as freebies to the winners.

People will eagerly wait for new events. They will pay attention to your social media posts and marketing messages. It will play a crucial role in maintaining customer loyalty. Your competitor won’t get any chance to affect your brand reputation. That’s how you can succeed in today’s merciless business environment.

Final thoughts:

It is tough to succeed without marketing your brand. People will buy your product or services if they know your brand. Allow them to know you and the brand. Use tradeshows to endorse the brand. Find the best tradeshow giveaways promotional item agency to create personalized Magic 8 Balls. This giveaway scheme will draw people’s attention. They will bring more new prospects to popularize your brand and generate more leads.