Hi! I am interested in 50-100 custom magic 8 balls. Could you please give me more information about pricing and shipping. Thank You!

Hi Mike!

Thank you for the quick response! I see that there is a one time set up fee and a one time fee for the custom answers. Can you also give me a cost for the custom box and a cost for shipping.

We would definitely want custom answers and we would need them no later than November 1st. We would love to have them sooner if possible. I think that we would like to have the normal size. I think from the picture, that would be the one that is the 12cm.

I will include my logo and would love to have a proof if possible. We are fine with the letters in white on a black ball, if you can do that.  I think we will want to do 100. If we need more in the future, do we pay the set up fee again?

Thank you!

Hi Mike,

Thank you for the response. We would like the logo to be centered a little more with letters. It gets a little tricky with the compass part and makes it look off centered. We are use to this happening and it looks like it should be a little to the left. Other than that, it looks great.

Could you please confirm a quote for the following:

Set-up fee

(100) 10cm magic balls

With Logo

With Custom Answers

Custom Boxes


Please confirm a total and let me know if I have missed anything. I am unsure if I have to add the anti-freeze or if it is included, but we do want that too.

I will be working on the 20 custom answers and have them to you ASAP! Do you have guidelines for that? How many letters or words?

Thank you!

Hi Mike, Ok so invoice has been paid. Attached is the ai logo. Below are the 20 answers.

  1. Manifest It!
  2. Show Gratitude!
  3. Call SLI
  4. Just Breathe
  5. Meditate
  6. What would Josh do?
  7. Eat More Greens
  8. Show Kindness
  9. Communicate Clearly
  10. Find Joy
  11. Live in the Moment!
  12. Be Present
  13. Drink More Water!
  14. Be Humble
  15. Be Authentic
  16. Do Some Yoga
  17. Sleep on it!
  18. Be Positive
  19. Ignite the Journey
  20. Fear is not real!

Hi Mike,
Sorry for the delay. We are not familiar at all with design. We were unable to even open the files and had to purchase  Adobe Ai. We are now trying to figure this out. We didn’t really realize that we had to design this on our own. We tried to place the words but we are hoping for a better design. We just really do not know how to do it. We would love to see a mock up if possible. We would also love to have some type of color or background. We will be sending the wording in just a moment.

The answers look fantastic. We do not really love the box. We think that it is a little dull and too white. If we could have more color, like maybe a blue or gray background, and some words in white. We also want to make sure that the logo is centered with the letters  and not the entire logo,  just like the ball. It looks a little off centered if it is by the entire logo and centered with the compass. Below is an idea for the box.

 Here is the diagram that you sent. I have numbered and will do words below to correspond. Let me know if this is possible.