Hi Mike,
My name is Katie and I work at Seagate with Kristel. I’m taking this project over from her and I have the 20 answers below! I’ve also attached our logo for the ball as well. We would like to do the biggest size ball you have. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!
Patent Disclosure Award Refine Don’t Pursue
Trade Secret Worldwide Patent Resubmit Did It 10 Years Ago
Publish U.S. Patent Only Prior Art Search No Invention
Combine Design Patent More Cowbell Already Patented
Provisional Wrong Review Board Ask Ed Don’t Understand
Can we use this logo instead?  Green swoosh with “Seagate” underneath.  I think that would fit better in the circle. Thank you!

Thank you, please let me know Can you make a custom Magic 8 Ball if there are any other shipping options as far as cost wise goes?
This is waiting approval/payment from upper management right now. Does anyone make custom magic 8 balls(Opens in a new browser tab)

I will let you know once this Can you make a custom Magic 8 Ball has been completed!

Thank you,
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