custom 8 balls for an product launch

custom magic 8 ball australia

Hi there! Hoping to create custom 8 balls for an upcoming product launch. Let me know if you’d like to schedule time to discuss!

We’d love to order at least 50 of these (maybe up to 100). If you could show us the pricing breakdown for different quantities, that would be awesome.
We need these as soon as March 10, but if that’s too soon, we can wait until the last week of March.
Our logo and branding guidelines are attached!
Let me know if you need anything further.
That’s awesome — we’d likely go with the 10 or 12 cm option here, and order at least 100 of them.
Wondering if instead of a plain purple background, we could do a gradient pink/purple, like on our website?
I also need to finalize the messaging with the team. I’ll try to get that over to you ASAP.
Thanks so much!
Hi Mike,

Apologies for the delay!!
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This is incredible. Let me know how to place the order!

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