New Wiz Magic 8 Ball Order

Hey Mike-

Cc’d here is Soraya looking to reorder another round of our Wiz magic 8 balls (images attached for reference). I did have one question for you before we order- is there any way to use a high end more sturdy material for the 8 ball

yes, we have better ABS material, especially production for Amazon sellers, it get about 99% good feedback

and/or to make it a slightly bigger ball? Do we have any options with that?

we have bigger ball, that is 10cm, it is the best selling promotional magic 8 balls on Amazon

see attached photos

Let me know and then @Soraya Barrett can provide qty she would be looking for and will need a quote.

 please let us the quantity and deadline, we will make quote within 24 hours10cm magic 8 ball for marketing and promotion(Opens in a new browser tab)


Maggie Ebner

Operations Specialist

Do you happen to have any random samples of the New Wiz Magic 8 Ball Order and the other material you could send to me to see?


Can you confirm if 60 is too low of a quantity to order? @Soraya Barrett I think we had to do a minimum of 500..Mike can confirm though.

If that is the case, @Ashley Gonzalez do we want to order more for field and combine the order to hit minimums?

Would you please share an estimate for an order of 500 units. I would like to review the total amount and see whether field marketing can contribute to this swag request.

Yes I received but our team has now asked me to send the samples to them in Tel Aviv so they can see them. Soraya-how quickly do you need these?

Hoping to have these in stock to send out to people by August 24th.

custom sample of a magic 8 ball(Opens in a new browser tab)

Hey Guys,

design your own magic 8 ball

Roy requested I sent the sample I got to Tel Aviv so I did and he wants to move forward with the larger size 8 ball moving forward.

Mike- can you provide pricing for changing from the New Wiz Magic 8 Ball Order to the larger size 8 ball and provide quotes? Same exact branding on first order of 8 balls and boxes. Can you send revised proofs for the larger size?

7cm mold is different size compare 10cm New Wiz Magic 8 Ball Order mold. so we need make new mold
I will check with the production team tomorrow.
could you please let us know the quantity and deadline?
To whom it may concern:
I was looking at ordering 1,000 10cm logo balls, many more if the sales come. I have my own artwork, but couldn’t find a “stencil” online that provided me information on how to format it for the ball. I also have 20 statements I’d like on the ball.
  1. How much 1,000 10cm balls would be if I wanted to design the entire ball graphics and have custom words on the dice inside?
  2. Do you provide any design help/finalizing?
  3. What is cost, including shipping
  4. What are the payment terms
  5. What is the expected timing of delivery once everything is approved?
  6. What is the timing and cost of reorders?
  7. Is there a box to put them in for single sales (and can I design the box if you supply one)?
  8. What is the best way to communicate with you? 
  9. Will I have a dedicated salesperson
  10. How do I get a sample of your product?

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