custom sample of a magic 8 ball

I would really like a custom sample of a magic 8 ball for RackN, Inc.  Address is Laura Hirschfeld, 506 Woodlawn Rd, Baltimore, MD 21210.  My phone number is 512.619.9227.  Do I need to send you a logo file?

I was interested in purchasing 100qt. Would like more info
Interest in Magic Ball 7 cm and 10 cm. Can I have a quote for 300 balls for both sizes?
My coworkers want to get a custom magic 8 ball for our director and 2 managers (3 people total). How much would it cost for 3 magic 8 balls with custom answers? Would it be able to be delivered to Philadelphia, PA, USA before 12/21/22? Thank you!
Hi, I love the gold magic 8 balls, but only need 40, with custom sayings. Can you create a custom order of 40? Pls advise. Judi
Hello, I am interested in a custom shape/color.  Have you ever created a Magic Logo Ball as a coaster (to put underneath a coffee cup)?  I would love to know about all of the customization options

Thank you!

Hello, i’m interested in ordering between 1 and 5 of your custom 8 balls, could you help me out?
Hello! I am looking for 150 custom 8 balls. Is it possible to have these made for December 7th? Shipping would be to Montreal, Canada.


We are looking to create 3 different versions of custom magic 8 balls: baseball, basketball, American footballs.  We not only want them all to have the imprint of the sport ball but we want them to be in the shape of the actual ball, so baseball and basketball normal round and then the football would be in the shape of the American football.  Along with the ball imprint we would also want to imprint a logo on the outside as well.  Along with the outside imprint we also want the ability to custom print the inside answers. We are looking for 2 versions, the keychain magic 8 ball and also a regular sized 4″ magic 8 ball.  Can you let me know if you can assist with pricing as well as minimum order quantities? We need these in-hands 1/23.  Please let me know if you need any additional information.  Thanks!I would like to make a custom magic 8 ball.

Quantity 10-50
Company Logo
Both standard answers and customized

After design artwork is approved and an order is placed, how long will it take to receive the items in the United States? And what are your shipping costs?

Thank you in advance.

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