20 customized English answers in a yellow color 8 ball

Hello, I am Stephen’s assistant. Here is an EPS format of our logo. How many characters can we fit on each side of the triangle inside the ball?

Thank you!

attached is mock up of custom 8 ball

For custom answers
1. 20 custom answers total
2. max 19 characters for each answer
3. custom mold cost $1500. one time cost, free use in further order

Thank you for this. Is it possible to have the logo + Stephen’s contact information all on the back side of the ball? If not, are we able to utilize the sides of the ball to add his contact info?


Layna Lucero
Field Marketing Coordinator
National Commercial Services

Stewart Title Guaranty Company
100 Pine Street, Suite 450
San Francisco, CA  94111
O (415) 633-1277 | M (415) 416-0558

Hi – I am following up on the below message, please advise.

This looks great! What would the cost be to order 400 of these?

 an estimate of 400 orders 20 customized English answers in a yellow color 8 ball

What is the price breakdown for the shipping? Trying to understand why it is so expensive for just the shipping.

How long does it take to ship by sea versus UPS?

UPS 7 days
35 days by sea


I am circling back to this custom 8 ball order – are you able to get 400 custom balls completed and shipped to us in San Francisco within a 6 week timeline? Please let me know, and we will proceed with our order.

1. 6 weeks deadline is ok

send the design requirement

3.  your shipping address
Hello – thank you for your prompt response. I saw in the previous emails below that your preferred payment method is via wire transfer. However, is there another form of payment you can accept? We were hoping to pay by credit card if possible. Please let me know.we accept PayPal payment using credit card


My manager and I were finalizing a few items, but we want to go ahead and proceed with the order for 400 custom 8 balls. Can you please confirm the price + shipping cost for 400 balls and that we can pay with credit card? I will send you the design request along with our custom answers today.

I need to confirm this amount with my manager. This price is significantly higher than what we were expecting. I will let you know what he says shortly.

Hello, can you please proceed with the order however, we are not going to do the custom mold answers. Please forward me an updated invoice and I will get it back to you ASAP.

Hello, I am following up on my previous email. Can you please forward me an updated invoice and begin work on the 8 balls?

I just submitted payment. Thank you, are you able to send me a picture or pdf proof of what they look like please magic 8 balls with custom messages oil slick print(Opens in a new browser tab)?

I just submitted payment. Thank you, are you able to send me a picture or pdf proof of what they look like please?

Hello – here is the logo will this work? The text is in white so it is readable on the black ball, fyi. See below answers in red:see attached mock up

This is absolutely perfect, please proceed with the We love the magic balls(Opens in a new browser tab) 8balls.

From: MagicLogoBall <sales@magiclogoball.com>
Sent: Tuesday, March 19, 2024 6:54 PM
To: Layna Lucero <Alayna.Lucero@stewart.com>
Subject: Re: 回复:RE: 回复:RE: 回复:RE: [External] custom magic 8 ball

please let us know your shipping address as follows:


Name: Layna Lucero

Company Name: Stewart Title

Address: 100 Pine Street, Suite 450 San Francisco, CA

Country: United States

Postal Code: 94111

Phone: 415-416-0558

Hi – just checking in on the status of the 8 balls. When can we expect to receive them?

Hi Mike,

Thanks for reaching out! Yes, 200 units with a mid-march in-hands date.

We’d want to customize the outside of the ball as well as the triangle with the text on the inside.custom magic 8 ball cost(Opens in a new browser tab)

Will you please let me know a price estimate?



Hi, may I please get a mockup of the 10cm magic 8 ball in the yellow of the logo, and one in black.

Can we please see it mocked up with both logos attached?

Amazing, thank you so much! We also have the 20 customized English answers in a yellow color 8 ball we’d like to customize (attached). Do you have a template you’d like me to upload these to?

Great, thanks!

  1. We can’t do that
  2. No
  3. Absolutely not
  4. That’s a terrible idea
  5. I can’t do anything about your quota.
  6. Discount: denied.
  7. Let’s revisit it next year.
  8. It’s not in my approval queue.
  9. We don’t have bandwidth for that.
  10. We don’t have budget for that.
  11. Did you submit a ticket?
  12. Yes, your commissions are correct.
  13. Is that in Salesforce?
  14. No, I can’t make an exception to that.
  15. Rev-rec is going to say no.
  16. No holdovers
  17. Talk to finance.
  18. The numbers work in Excel
  19. You’ll just have to figure it out
  20. Ask TigerEye

    One more mockup request please, can I see the 10 cm magic 8 ball in quote for custom magic 8 balls with custom answers(Opens in a new browser tab) Black with the logo attached?

    Thank you so much!

    Can I please have a mockup of this 8 ball with text underneath the answer that says, “RevOps says…” in black text?

    Will this impact pricing for the 200 units?

    We will likely place the order for 200 units later this week or early next week.

    Thank you so much,


    Thank you! I thought that the 20 customized English answers in a yellow color 8 ball were included in the original price sheet shared at $4.77/unit…https://www.magiclogoball.com/we-love-the-magic-balls/ Is the $1500 custom mold cost something different? Thank you!

    Hi There,

    Jenni from Swagger! I’ve been talking to Mike about a project for a custom yellow magic 8 ball but my emails are no longer going through on that thread.

    Will you please confirm if you receive this message?

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