customized magic 8 ball order for customer

Hi! I work for Tahoe Blue Vodka. And we need a sample of this magic 8 ball. We’re going to want to order possibly 200+ of them for our bar customers. They will shake the ball and it will tell them which Tahoe Blue Vodka Cocktail they should order. Can i get one mailed to:

I just need a sample. Can you custom make it? If so, here’s out logo and some cocktails answers to use. I’m happy to pay for it if it’s too much.

  1. Founders Favorite
  2. Tahoe Mule
  3. Bloody Mary
  4. Tahoe Blue Hard Lemonade
  5. Modern Royale
  6. Cinnamon Spritzer
  7. Tahoe Blue Pride
  8. Lady in Pride
  9. Pink Greyhound
  10. Winter Solstice
  11. Tahoe Blue Vodka Margarita
  12. Tahoe Bellini
  13. Emerald Green
  14. Tahoe Blue Burro
  15. Tahoe Handwarmer
  16. Pomegranate Sparkle
  17. Tahoe Bluejito
  18. Dirty Vodka Martini
  19. Strawberry Lemonade
  20. Summer Fridays

    The answers below are the ones we want. We don’t want to do 20. Is that okay.

    Also, on price is there a refund if the sample doesn’t work out because 1500 is okay to pay to set up for continued purchase. But it’s a lot for a sample.

    Let me know – thanks!

    Can I get mock up and confirming the sample amount is 1,500 with the answers and the blue color and if we decide to not go this route we can get a refund on the 1,500? And a link to pay.

    Hi Mike! Thank you for sending a sample.

    It looks great. We’re going to want to have the custom answers and print the balls in our blue color.

    Can you please let me know pricing for 500 and 1000 of them? I want to confirm the price for a 12cm is 1.89 each or is it less if we buy more than 200?

    Shipping costs?

    Set up cost is the one-time fee of 1,500?

    Mike, do you also print on the boxes that you place the magic 8 balls in?

    If so, can we get the die lines for the box to send you art to place on them as well?

    Below is the updated answer list. NOTE – we removed one of the answers and would like Shake again and Bartenders choice to take place. So, Shake Again and Bartender’s Choice will each repeat three times. Does that make sense?

    1. Tahoe Blue & Soda – 17 characters (2)
    2. Tahoe Blue Tonic – 16 characters(2)
    3. Tahoe Bloody Mary – 17 characters (2)
    4. Tahoe Blue Mule – 14 characters (2)
    5. Tahoe Blue Martini – 17 characters (2)
    6. Tahoe Blue-Hound – 15 characters (2)
    7. Tahoe Blue Cosmo – 16 characters (2)
    8. Shake Again –  11 characters (3)
    9. Bartender’s Choice – 17 characters (3)

      Great, thank you! We will circle back with art soon to complete the order.

      Our designer has been out of the office in Japan and returns today. I was just sending over instructions and when I checked the die line you sent over, it appears to be blank. I’ve attached it here for reference if needed.
      Can you please resend a usable die line?

      Mike, thank you for following up. We just reviewed this as a team.

      Can you please let us know why there is a mold cost. That should have been a one-time fee that we paid the first time.  Also, it’s one cost on the 250 qt and another amount for the 500 qt.


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