custom magic 8 ball answers images

custom magic 8 ball answers images

Looks fun and great!!!

I was looking for a sample, but we are thinking of about 100 for a trade show in mid April.
  • Ball answers: attached
  • Pantone color for ball color: 637C
  • Mockup attached
  • Transparent JA LOGO attached

custom magic 8 ball answers images

Attached is our design template and price list for your reference.and could you please send us your logo artwork- eps format, we will make mock up and make quote within 24 hours.
Please Reply if you receive it

Thanks! I missed the $1200 custom charge for the answers, so let’s just go with the standard ones.

Ok! Any chance I can get the by April 5? And can you send me an invoice to sign off on?

Absolutely. We will need a W-8 form from you to do so. Please fill out the attached and return it as soon as possible.


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