Marketing – Magic 8 Ball Order

Good Morning Magic Logo Ball!


I am looking to create custom magic 8-balls for our business
and hope to have them by early December if possible.
I am looking at creating the 10cm diameter ball.
And have a few questions to clarify.
Can you send a quote for each size with the 100 qty minimum?
These two sizes say that we can custom create the 20 answers?
Is that included free or extra for a 100 qty order?

Hi Mike,

Can we do a color logo instead of black printed on white?
Does a color logo cost more?
Do you have a red ball that could have a white logo?
Looking for color options without adding cost.
Thank you!

Can we do white logo on a red ball?

Can you quote me a 100 qty for that?
No custom extras…
Thank you!

Hey Mike,

We would like to move forward with the order
Of 100 Qty with standard answers.
Ball Color: Solid Red
Print/Logo One Color: White
Enclosed is our files to help mock it up for us.
Could you send us a mock up of what it will look like?
I attached an ai outlined file and a pdf as well.
Let us know how to proceed so we can hopefully have these as soon as possible.
Thank you kindly,
Jaclyn Lantis


We would like the ball with the white center with our logo in red….
Invoice has been paid…please reach out with any questions.
Jaclyn Lantis
If it is the extra money I would like to skip that and
Go with the standard answers.
And to clarify they all come prepackaged in a white box?
Thank you kindly for your help getting us going
Creating these!

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