I need a quote on 200 Magic 8 Balls.

I see you have a MOQ of 500.

I know it’s a long-shot, but do you ever do smaller quantities? We’re looking for 200.

Thanks for the speedy reply.


It looks like we’ll be running with an order for 250 – I’ll have more details tomorrow. Could you send us a sample 10cm ball? We need to design the other materials around the ball – including the box to house it.


Yes – sorry. We’ve already covered this territory. I’ve got the pricing. Now we’re needing a sample so we can start the design process for all the other materials we’re producing in support of the ball.


400 ac+ Mega sites


Yes, yes, and yes.


Acres galore


Signs point to yes


Time is money.


We dig Infrastructure


222 sunny days a year


50-400 ac Certified


All this + Fry Sauce!


Business friendly.


Call 800-574-8824.


Elevate your project


Rail-served? You bet!


Speed to market.


Best sites R in Utah


Certified? Always.


Eat. Pray. Ski.


It works in Utah


Starry skies above


The future is bright.


Would you try putting the EDCUtah 8-ball answers in Gotham Medium? If that doesn’t work, use the book weight.

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