magic eye ball


Hello Mike

I need a PDF/vector of your packaging dieline for the 12 CM packaging so I can create the custom box.

Could you please send?

Thank you



I would like to get a quote on 1000 10cm custom magic 8 balls. Need them in the next couple weeks.
How long would it take to get 5 balls with custom answers shipped to Salt lake city Utah

Hi Mike,

We are ready to re-order.  This time 1,000.  Please cost it out and send me an estimate for regular shipping by boat.  Our prospects and clients love them!!

Rex Evans

glad to hear that you and your customers like our 8 balls, we offer $150 discount this time
attached is invoice for 1000 qty custom magic 8 balls,
please check


Hi Mike,

Chase Bank wired the funds today (probably will go out tomorrow) for the Eight Ball Order.  Please let me know as soon as the funds arrive.  Transaction Number 154523589140001.

Thank you.

Rex Evans

Hi Mike,

Any update on when we should expect the shipment.  I would like to use the same agents as the last order.  I recall it was a bit complicated.  Hope you are safe.

Rex Evans

Managing Director | Derivative Logic Inc.

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