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How to Use the Magic 8 Ball Giveaway Contest to Increase Brand Visibility

Modern buyers take time to trust any new brand. They became extra cautious due to ongoing pandemic. New brands are struggling to get the necessary exposure. Proven marketing strategies are also not delivering great results.

Are you also facing losses due to current situations? Do you want to win people’s trust? There are ways to increase brand visibility. Contest giveaways will work the best to increase brand awareness! This tactic will work better than any other tactic in today’s time. The following suggestions will help you in refining this tactic and implementing it flawlessly.

  • Pick the best giveaway:

What would you offer as a freebie if you organize a giveaway contest? Is it a discount gift card? Stop right there! Nobody wants gift cards! What if the participants do not use a product for which you are offering a discount gift card? They will never join your contest.

Choose something that attracts masses. Give personalised custom magic 8 ball. It is the best freebie a person can get. Personalize it with your brand name, logo, and feed customized answers in the ball. will give you exactly what you are looking for. It will build and ship the best giveaways for your audience.

  • Choose an appropriate platform to organize the contest:

Where are you planning to host the giveaway contest? You can use your website or email to host the contest. These platforms will offer your existing subscribers to participate in the contest. Choose social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. if you want to increase brand visibility quickly.

Social media platforms not only lure your existing followers but also new people from various regions. It is beneficial for your business if hundreds or thousands of new people join the contest. Your brand will get instant exposure and you will gain thousands of new subscribers. Needless to say, people will join to have some great 8 BALL QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS sessions.

When it comes to drawing the right participants, the prize should also be relevant. Pick your brand’s best products and include them with other prizes. Your products and personalised custom magic 8 ball, both will endorse the brand. Giveaway recipients will feel lucky to get such impressive prizes.

Some contest organizers hide giveaways and therefore they fail to attract people. Use your social media accounts and social media ads to promote the contest. Reveal the prizes to attract more participants.

  • Should you charge contestants for participation?

You are organizing a giveaway contest to increase brand visibility. It is not a contest where you are planning to earn money. It is about establishing your brand as the leading competitor in the market. People will learn about your brand, reveal the products, and services. So, do not make it a premium contest.

Set criteria to participate in the contest. Provide guidelines and a deadline. Ask participants to provide their email IDs and contact details. The prize will encourage them to subscribe to your services. You can later use contact details for email marketing, solo ads, and other marketing campaigns.

It will present the contest as a legit opportunity to win something special. People will apply and join the contest. They will get the best freebie to enjoy their 8 BALL QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS sessions. Therefore, you won’t need too much marketing to draw people.


  • How to reward winners?

The contest should be simple. You will have to pick winners frequently. Provide several prizes so that many users can join the contest at a time. Notify the winners via emails. It is that best way to establish trust between the brand and prospects. Ship their prizes to their doorsteps.

Winners will flaunt their achievements on social media. They will tag your brand and bring more audience to your social media profiles. Thus, you can gain more subscribers and leads through a giveaway contest.


Get ready for future contests:

It is the best time to organize giveaway contests on social media platforms. People are at their homes and they won’t say no to freebies in current situations. Giveaway contests can bring many individuals on your official website.

It is an ideal time to gain new followers to market your brand and products. Place an order for personalized magic 8 balls at Here you will get three size options in magic 8 balls. You can customize the answers and print brand name and logo on the ball and answer cards.


The recipients will use their magic 8 balls every day as a fortune-telling object. They will also share it with other people, who like to reveal their future. Thus, your brand name and logo can reach to thousands of new prospects. It is the most affordable marketing strategy which can reward your brand more visibility and leads. Therefore, you should try it!

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