500 pink magic 8 balls

I’m hoping to order 500 pink magic 8 balls. Is this something you can do? And how quickly?

What is the standard size for a magic 8 ball?
We don’t have a logo. We just want it to look like a standard magic 8 ball but have the ball be baby pink (similar to the color of the background in some of your photos on the sales sheet).
I’m seeing that the unit price is 1.32
Thanks for the pricing breakdown. I’m cc’ing Jane who will proceed with the order if still needed on our end.
Thanks Mike!
Had a few more questions:
 Are you able to customize the sayings inside? And if so how much does that cost? And we may not need the magic 8 logo…
And finally is 100 the minimum order? Thanks so much
Ok sounds good. and how long would production take?
Thank you. Wondering if instead of the 8 ball logo we could do either the attached or just even the title “Influence”
I was looking for a sample, but we are thinking of about 100 for a trade show in mid April.
  • Ball answers: attached
  • Pantone color for ball color: 637C
  • Mockup attached
  • Transparent JA LOGO attached


Ok! Any chance I can get the by April 5? And can you send me an invoice to sign off on?


Please see attached to see if that would work?
Also could you also tell me the price for Pink Keychain balls?
The invoice has been paid

Thank you

A few changes:
Can we please have the “Do you have Influence?” connected the ends so there is no gap?
On the Get Influence – Can that be in a Script font and the “6.30.2020” be curved versus straight across?
Almost perfect unfortunately the date is upside down if you could flip that we are good to go
This is approved


I hope you are all well and doing ok in this crazy time. I was checking to see how this order was coming?
THank you

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