20 custom answers in a fortune telling magic 8 ball


Hi, my colleague Ryan Sitov reached out to you early this week about creating a custom magic 8 ball. Thanks for supplying the design template PDF. That helped to customize the ball and answer triangles. Can you supply the die line for the custom packaging as an AI or EPS file?

Hi, I have checked the mockups.


  • the answers match
  • the packaging looks great
  • the PMS color call outs match
  • the ball matches the text we provided.

We would like this as soon as possible. Can you provide a timeline if you start today or tomorrow? @Neiman, Taylor I think they are looking for a date.


Thank you,

I am interested in speaking to someone about ordering custom magic 8 balls as client gifts for the Holidays.
Yes deadline before Christmas holiday. Fastest shipping is best. Sooner is better.
please let me exact locations we can print and in how many spots. That will help my design team create a design fast.
Hey Mike,
Okay so we need to move quickly on this project for Valentine’s Day.

do you have any dielines to send over? We can artwork finalized by first week of January.

Meanwhile, can I get a sample shipped to me to –
We want to produce the heart shape. Can we not do a design wrapped around it like the other reference photos in the deck you sent?
We need this delivered to LA by 02/04. Is this possible?
Can we get on a call Monday? I want to go through final pricing and finalize the order ASAP.

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